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Harnessing Customer Information: "Big Data's" Role In Delivering Engaging Digital Experiences

A Complimentary Forrester Cocktail Event


Thursday, November 8, 2012
5:30-8:30 p.m. EDT


Morton's Steakhouse
Tower City
1600 West Second Street
Cleveland, OH 44113

Hosted by:

Kyle McNabb, Vice President and Practice Leader

Deep customer insights are critical to deliver contextual digital experiences, predict customer behavior, and move quickly and confidently to embrace new business opportunities. However, leveraging the wealth of customer information stored in disparate databases, data warehouses, social networks, files, and logs is not straightforward.

This complimentary session is a must if you're navigating around the challenges of an increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data or helping your organization deliver engaging digital experiences for competitive advantage.

You’ll connect with Forrester experts and other industry leaders to discuss the latest trends in customer data management — including big data and predictive analytics — as they affect your business.

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