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  • Why Are Composition Notebooks Black and White?

    Having a composition notebook in black and white seems like an odd choice. However, there are several reasons why you might want to choose this type of notebook. Wide-ruled vs primary ruled Unlike the classic composition notebook with its sewn pages and black and white cover, modern editions come in all sorts of colors and […]

  • What Are The Best Types of Paper Used For Wipes?

      There are two main types of paper used to manufacture wipes: nonwovens and woven wipes. Nonwovens are manufactured from synthetic fibres such as polyester, polypropylene, and rayon. Woven wipes are produced from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, wool, and linen. Knitted wipes, on the other hand, are manufactured from reclaimed fabric. Wet laid […]

  • How to Find Backpack Suppliers to Sell Online?

    If you are thinking about selling backpacks online, it might be hard to know where to begin. There are many factors you must consider, such as the type of product you sell, your niche, and your customers. Listed below are some tips to help you get started. Read on to learn more about the different […]

  • North America Battery Energy System Market in 2022

    The North America Battery Energy System Market in 2022 is expected to grow at a significant CAGR. This growth is anticipated to be attributed to the high adoption rate of battery energy storage systems in commercial and industrial sectors, and the presence of large players. The market in this region is estimated to hold the […]

  • Upcoming Trends in the Electric Vehicle Market

    Europe is already producing large quantities of electric vehicles and could have a greater share of the global market by 2030. Currently, Europe has only 7% of the world’s battery production capacity. The changes in the manufacturing process are expected to reduce cost and increase production efficiency. In addition, several EV manufacturing plants are planning […]

  • The Most Promising Future Battery Technologies

    Solid state batteries have been hailed as one of the most promising future battery technologies. This revolutionary technology allows for increased density and life, and reduces self-discharge. This type of battery is also expected to be safer and more cost-effective than its liquid counterpart. This technology may be the answer to future electric vehicles. However, […]

  • The Fastest Growing Green Energy Trend in 2022

    According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, wind and solar power deployments will reach record levels in 2022. The U.S. is on track to install more than a thousand gigawatts of utility-scale wind and solar power in the next five years. This will nearly double the capacity installed in 2021 and will more than double the […]

  • Global Trends in Energy Storage in 2022

    According to Global Trends in Energy Storage in 2022, the total amount of storage capacity will double by 2022 to reach 56 GWh. This will be an increase of 17.7 fold by 2030. In 2022, renewable energy will provide 50% of the world’s electricity, and wind and solar will provide 20%. The market for energy […]

  • Five Battery Technologies That Could Power the Future

    The advancement of new battery technologies is critical to the transition to a clean energy future. With improved energy density, batteries can be used for more applications. One such startup, LeydenJar Technologies, is developing a new method for lithium-ion batteries that increases the battery’s life expectancy by replacing the graphite material with pure silicon. This […]

  • The Next Big Thing in Battery Technology

    ASSBs will be the next big thing in battery technology, with their improved performance and safety. They won’t use lithium, which can cause thermal runaway, and instead will use sodium, which is found on Earth. This type of battery will be seven times more efficient than lithium-ion batteries. ASSBs may not be ready for the […]